Cosplay Contest

Located in:

Ballroom - 2nd Floor

Saturday, March 2nd from 6-8pm


Attendance and registration open to the public until Wednesday, February 28th.

Registration will NOT be available day of.

Rules & Policies:

If you are considering cosplaying during the convention, please take a look at our Prop & Costume Policy to make sure any props and costumes you might be wearing are allowed and appropriate. This includes our policy on metal weapons, body paint, and prop guns so please consider these rules before you bring or wear items that our or our University's policy may not allow.

We will be enforcing our policies during badge pick-up and weapons check-in. If any disallowed items or props are found, you will be asked to leave with the prop and will not be allowed in. If the costume is deemed too inappropriate we will ask you to change into other clothing before entering.

Please take a close look at our Cosplay Contest Rules before registering for the competition. If you have any questions regarding the competition please reach out to for further information.

Competition Categories:


For those who made at least 60% of their costume, graded by craftsmanship.


For anyone who wants to showcase their costume and strut the stage!

Cosplay Judges:


MaryMaryCosplay has been a competitive cosplayer for 9 years, winning many awards,  including category wins, masters level wins, best in shows, and multiple placements in categories at the prestigious Crown Championships of Cosplay.  

Synthorn Cosplay

SynthornCosplay has been cosplaying since she was 13 and is the current President of the Cosplay Design League on the UIUC campus. She was recently featured in the Crown Championships of Cosplay at C2E2. 


Otakumon is an Anime mom, cosplayer and Steampunk since 1998 with a focus on tailoring, needlework and embroidery.  Awards include Best Masters Walk-on Performance at San Japan in 2019 and 2023 as well as numerous Judges' awards over the years. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Cosplay Lounge

Saturday Only

Second Floor

Room 210

Judging Room

Saturday Only

Second Floor 

Room 209

Dressing Rooms

Saturday & Sunday

Second Floor 

Room 213

Makeup Room

Saturday & Sunday

Second Floor 

Room 211