Artist & Vendor List



Daisy, who also answers to "suni" (sunny) or even "day day" or really anything thats said with confidence towards her, is an illustrator from the Bay Area. She's currently a junior majoring in graphic design at UIUC.

Follow her on Instagram!

2.) Art.ificer

Coming Soon!

3.) mochiramics

Coming Soon!

4.) coatsinkleaf

Coming Soon!

5.) Hours & Glass

Coming Soon!

6.) Stitches by Hayden

I am selling handmade crochet items! Most are featured on my Instagram @stitchesbyhayden. Water bottle holders and Pokémon crochet plushies are what I will be featuring at UI-CON. I can also take custom orders if I sell out or don’t have what you are looking for! Water bottle holders come in various sizes and colors!

7.) Shoshin

Coming Soon!

8.) Jace and Judy

Coming Soon!

9.) All the Floof

All the Floof showcases an artist's love of elephants and other floofy, fluffy, cute animals designed as adorable (and slightly addictive) enamel pins! Collect them all or choose a few favorites, there's so much floof to go around! Plus check out the stickers, prints (postcard and large!) and so many other items for your collection of cute

10.) CXN ART

Celebrating cuteness and sharing warmth, cxnart is an Asian and woman-owned business bringing adorable hand-drawn goods to the table.

11.) Smudge Pudge Designs

Smudge Pudge Designs focuses on cute cat doodles with various themes. If you're in the market for cat-related prints, stickers, keychains, and more, this is the small artist for you! Preview her work here:

12.) LindsayArts

Coming Soon!

13.) vrose_arts

vrose_arts' shop is led by Rosie Martinez, an artist who's main focus is people-centered design, whether that be through social justice, cultural celebration, or everyone's beloved hyperfixations. Check out her shop this March for all your essential Studio Ghibli, anime, and BTS fan-made merchandise, such as a wide variety of prints, stickers, bookmarks, and jewelry trays! Follow her Instagram @vrose_arts for a sneak peek into all the goods that will be sold!

14.) KT Avenue

Coming Soon!

15.) TUTU Animation Products Store

Coming Soon!

16.) teacupweeb

 Tea is a self-taught artist who's main goal is to make others smile with her work. Her biggest dream is to someday travel around the world selling her artwork and products at conventions and vending events. When she's not working on new sticker designs, she's usually found brainstorming for her upcoming webcomic 'Counter Fate', or taking a nap with her orange cat, Ollie. Follow her on Instagram @teacupweeb, or checkout her Etsy shop @TeacupsTavern!!

17.) gatoe

Coming Soon!

18.) MichWu Creations

My name is Michelle! I started off creating resin earrings in my room during the early stages of the covid epidemic. My business has now blossomed to a whole online shop and the occasional tabling at a local pop-up or anime convention! My current shop consists of handmade jewelry, beaded phone cases, cute car fresheners, lots of stickers, and self-love keychains. All either made by hand or designed on my iPad!

19.) Studio Kwoh

Studio Kwoh is an Asian American owned art business based in Chicago that showcases cute prints, stickers, enamel pins, stationery, and more! Inspiration is drawn from childhood memories of favorite kawaii characters and food.

20.) SweeToothGhost

Coming Soon!

21.) Wonderful Washue

Wonderful Washue is a small business based in northern Indiana. They are best known for reusable Ita Sticker Books (sticker books with a transparent window) and Animal Crossing crossovers! Although the shop has an overall pastel vibe, the artist loves to draw spooky related things as well!

22.) Cola-nitiative

Cola-nitiative is a Chicago-based artist and vendor with a cartoon style that used to create fanart as well as work on original works such as web comics and small indie games. Main products include handmade TTRPG dice, buttons, stickers, and acrylic keychains. Other products include art prints, D&D accessories (dice bags, trays, ect), journals/planners, reusable sticker books, and coloring books.

23.) Reisha Rhapsodies

Reisha Rhapsodies has been a fun project since 2017 and has gone strong ever since. Doing anime conventions, furry cons, and some craft shows during the summer! We enjoy and thrive on the lack of a middle man! Everything we sell is completely handmade from our own lil studio at home! Come and join us in creating something way past cool!

24.) Sebby Witching

Sebby Witching is a cartoonist with a knack for conjuring up wicked characters through illustrations and comics. From the tiniest, mightiest dragon to a cat-possessed dog, Sebby Witching can manifest all your story-driven needs!

25.) Caramell.ia

Coming Soon!

26.) Bludacious

Hey, I'm Bludacious! Come check out my table for stickers and prints with art from Metal Gear Rising, Yakuza, Mob Psycho 100, Initial D, and more! I'm also offering a special collection of prints featuring various video game and anime characters across UIUC landmarks! Hope you stop by!

27.) oxcoxa

Coming Soon!

28.) Heigen's Fishmarket

Here at Heigen’s Fishmarket we bring the freshest videos/product, with our current product line being Beyblades. If you want to experience some nostalgia for those battling tops from a decade ago then feel free to come on down. We might host a tournament at the booth if we get enough interest for it at hour or so intervals. Thanks for reading!

29.) Muijistudio

Jenny Yip, aka Muiji of Muijistudio, is an Asian American artist that makes cute and sassy art, stickers, stationery, accessories, apparel and more! All designs are lovingly created by Jenny and are inspired by her background as a Chinese Filipina American, the nostalgia of childhood, her love of food and all things cute. She hopes that her creations and products bring joy to others, provide representation to Asian Americans in the art space, and most importantly, motivates people to embrace their authentic selves through her cute and cheeky mascot, Jubo the Piggy!

30.) Cobbler Lane Designs

Cobbler lane designs is a Filipina owned company that sells small batch kawaii, anime and pop based clothing and tumblers. Most designs are done in house by our graphic designer or by our friends so are unique to us and not found anywhere else.

31.) Kailee Rosen

Coming Soon!

32.) The BugMangaka

Coming Soon!

33.) Rosy Bluebird Creations

Elisa Stanis of Rosy Bluebird Creations is a Chicago-based illustrator and animator, whose work focuses on character-driven storytelling. Her favorite genres are romance, horror, and fantasy, and the art of Rosy Bluebird focuses on all things cute, creepy, and adventurous! 

Stop by to see her newest comic, Ides! Browse for an adoptable character, check out fanart and original prints, or even grab a 5-minute commission!

For updates, follow her on Insta @rosybluebird or @elisastanis_art

34.) Meavi's Bakery, featuring Meowmeowgirl

Meavi’s Bakery is a shared art booth between Mei and Pavi, where we aim to cook up some delicious and cute art for you! Featuring fandoms like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Marvel, and also original characters and creations, we want to share our unique art-styles at our booth through postcard prints and sticker sheets. We will also be featuring postcard prints by the popular Genshin and HSR artist, Meowmeowgirl! We hope you stop by and say hello while you’re visiting!

You can find them on Instagram! Mei at @meiii.hua, Pavi at @pavisart, and Meow at @meowmeowgirl

35.) MasonJPG

Coming Soon!

36.) Calico's Cafe

Calico’s Cafe is a cozy pixel art brand by traditional + digital artist and UI/UX designer, ‘Calico’. She is on a journey to share the joy of this unique art form with others through art pieces, cross stitch projects, and hopefully an indie game or two in the future! Stop by her table to say hello and browse her inventory of art prints, stickers and sticker sheets, and various cross stitch products.

37.) JBlake Design

I have a mix of occult art & gaming/anime fanart including Gothic ita bags & Switch gaming ita bags, custom water bottles, reusable sticker books, iridescent charms, car vinyl stickers, car peeker stickers, car magnets, trippy holographic prints, and more!

38.) SunnySide Art

SunnySide Art is a Chicago-based Illustrator who combines her love for felines, food, and Japanese culture in her artwork. Her portfolio features nostalgic fan art, contemporary pieces infused with her heritage, and adorable cat illustrations.

39.) Penelopeloveprints

Coming Soon!

40.) DoomTemp Arts

DoomTemp Arts is your local specialist in anime, videogame, and other miscellaneous fanmerch! Stop by and pick up a print, watch pins be made on-demand, and drop a suggestion for future items!

41.) Fan Art Mini Mart

Coming Soon!

42.) Saboona Soap

Coming Soon!

43.) Art of Tangmo

Step into a wonderland of surreal, magical artwork and trinkets! Online shop: Twitter: Instagram:

44.) Sunnyknittyknots 

Coming Soon!

45.) tobiiviibrato

Coming Soon!

46.) SaneJungle

I create unique hair bands and cat-ears using different kind of materials and  dice as well. My dice creations include jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, but also earrings, keychains and more. I create fan article for Pride and Anime and DnD utilizing different materials and mediums.

47.) Ittsumo Kawaii

A husband and wife duo based out of Denver, CO; Bianca and Jorel specialize in handmade resin and in house 3D modeled and printed jewelry, home decor, cosplay props, and accessories. Bianca is a self taught resin artist with over a decade of experience and Jorel is self taught as well in 3D modeling and manufacturing.

48.) Chao's (Definitely Legal) Goods

Coming Soon!

49.) Japanese Animation Club

Selling official JACee-chan & UI-CON Merch! Also a Help Desk to anyone that has questions!

50.) Krystal LaPorte 

Krystal LaPorte will be signing autographs periodically throughout the day, so please be sure to stop by and say hello! She will have UIUC-Con prints for free of charge until supplies run out, a limited number of character prints for sale, and will sign as many personal belongings as you want for free.

51.) Kingfisher Task Force

Coming Soon!

52.) Kofimanga

Kofi Bazzell-Smith is an American mangaka based in Champaign, Illinois. See more at and on Instagram @kofi.manga.

53.) The Kao (Saturday) |  The Art of Debby Gold (Sunday)

The Kao is Vincent Kao, a queer Taiwanese American illustrator and comic artist known for his slice-of-life web series, Mondo Mango, and the Prism Award-winning & GLAAD nominated graphic novel, Magical Boy! Stop by his table for signed books and fun trinkets like coins and pins, all related to his work.

Hi there! My name is Debby Gold, and I'm a multimedia artist and storywriter. At my table, you'll find prints, postcards, bookmarks, and copies of the pilot comic for my original graphic novel series, Unseen. I'll also be taking on-site mini-sketch commissions!

54.) CB Squared Crafts

Handmade crafts, 3D printed gaming accessories and pop culture geekery

55.) Stitched by Becca

Handmade crochet plushies.

56.) Crystal Isis

Coming Soon!

57.) Pichimiko

Coming Soon!

58.) eemaango studios

Eemaan (IG: @eemaango.studios) is a 21-year-old artist obsessed with retro pop culture and games. On the rare occasions where she actually draws, she loves to create crossovers between her favorite TV shows, games, and films.

59.) ENDA/ thee_ENDA

Coming Soon!

60.) Orvi’s Doodles & Kevin's Art and Games

Orvi’s Doodles has stock on anime and gacha game-related fan merchandise (Genshin Impact, Fate Grand Order, Arknights), with stickers, charms and prints. I will also have non-anime items of cats and critters! Feel free to come by.

Kevin is selling his award winning game called CGCG which is a medieval fantasy roleplaying card game. He is also offering his anime themed artwork in the form of prints, stickers and keychains.

61.) Delphxe 

Coming Soon!

62.) Hiya Bina

Hi, I’m Bina and I welcome you to the Banana Bunch! If you like anime, manga, video games and kawaii dream vibes, then this is the shop to stop at! I offer a variety of fan art prints, stickers, keychains, and pins! All fulfilling the kawaii pinky pop vibes!

63.) MochiMomoBun

Coming Soon!

64.) Humongous Flatfish

Coming Soon!

65.) Floratonic

Floratonic is dedicated to a love of cute things and expression through art! Look forward to stickers featuring anime, games, and original work at UI-Con!

66.) Maiden's Frappuccino

Pixel Art creations from video games including Undertale/DELTARUNE, Kirby, Pokemon, Splatoon, Mario, and more as keychains, magnets, wall art and pins!

You can find me online at:

- @CafeMaiden on Twitter

- @MaidensFrappuccino on Tumblr and on Tiktok!

67.) YPArtistry

YPArtistry is a Filipina-American small business founded by Ysabelle in 2020. Ysabelle has loved drawing ever since she could remember and began crocheting since she was 8 years old. Using her passion for art and her love for animals, Ysabelle has made YPArtistry a source for animal crochet plushies, hand-designed stickers, and other handmade crafts!

68.) Eran Agutan

I create cute illustrations and merchandise of anime and video game characters, and vtubers!

69.) Geek'd Soaps

Coming Soon!

70.) Lapitalii

I’m a self taught illustrator based out of Chicago who along with vending at conventions, loves to cosplay to them! I enjoy making prints, acrylic charms, and other knick knacks inspired by my many favorite animated medias. In between projects you can find me scouring the thrifts with a coffee in hand, probably wearing my newest table edition: a tote bag!

71.) kristykatko

kristykatko is where kawaii meets cat lovers. kristykatko supports local community cats and is the home of the black cat fan club. A portion of proceeds helps benefit local community cats. Cat merch for the avid cat lover includes stickers, pins keychains, tote bags, crochet plushies, and more.

72.) Berrichu

Welcome to Berrichu – where art and nostalgia collide in style! I sell tote bags,vibrant stickers,art prints, and keychains. With gamers in mind everything is curated with family friendly designs and products for all ages.

73.) Khuangart

Coming Soon!

74.) Lucania

Coming Soon!

75.) E. S. Fein

E. S. Fein is the author of the Neoevolution Earth Series, two standalone novels (A Dream of Waking Life and Points of Origin), and two short story collections (Ascendescenscion and The Process is Love). Predominantly writing Scifi, Fantasy, and Thrillers, more than anything, he enjoys writing strange stories about strange characters in strange situations. Some people refer to him as a lucid dreaming expert. Others know him as a rapper. But E. S. Fein just thinks of himself as a dude who likes to think about what it means to be a dude thinking about being a dude. When he isn't hanging out with his partner and son, you can usually find him reading, playing DnD and video games with his friends, going for walks while writing stories in his head before putting them on paper, or practicing yoga. Check out some free short stories on his site,

76.) Marymarycosplay

Marymary Cosplay has been a competitive cosplayer for 9 years, winning many awards, including category wins, masters level wins, best in shows, and multiple placements in categories at the prestigious Crown Championship of Cosplay. She also judges and coordinates multiple cosplay contests throughout the Midwest, working with convention owners and some of the best cosplayers in the world.

77.) Synthorn Cosplay

Synthorn Cosplay is a midwest competitive cosplayer and industrial design student at the university. Check out previous cosplays and props as well as plushies and other items for sale at her booth!


Coming Soon!

79.) CSSA

Coming Soon!

80.) IlliniFurs

Coming Soon!

81.) Huwee (Saturday)  |  JSA Sticker Store (Sunday)

Hll0, I'm Huy~ I am a graphic designer and artist that likes to make stuff that makes me go wowza . My work consists of silly little monsters, anaglyphic bugs, and a lot of zodiacs. If you like crossovers between the cute and creepy then I got you ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃! 

The Japanese Student Association at UIUC is selling originally designed stickers by our design committee. Funds made from sales will be reinvested back into the club in order to provide Japanese culture events at the university.

82.) Shop Soji

Coming Soon!

83.) Atelier Airin

Coming Soon!

84.) celastrias

Celastrias is a passion project with handmade goods that take inspiration from nature, video games, anime, and varied aesthetics. The booth includes a selection of intricate jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and keychains, alongside a variety of other products, including prints, stickers, and candles. All our goods are handcrafted with attention and love—we look forward to brightening your day with our creations.

85.) Barnacle Bess

Coming Soon!

86.) Eyesofashes

Coming Soon!

87.) DYS Goodies

DYS Goodies: Stickers and prints of delectable anime and all other good thing

88.) kariiyoko

Coming Soon!

89.) Snommu Studio

Coming Soon!

90.) misosoup

I’m a casual artist that likes to draw fanart and original works of various game franchises, animes, and original characters. I will be selling stickers, charms, and prints of characters from Honkai Star Rail, Genshin, Yu-Gi-Oh! and more!

91.) Aeonian Dawn!

Chicago area comic book & graphic novel writer & publisher. Promoting our epic space-opera, Eden Skye: books, concept art, canvas, and verification services available.

93.) HLT

Coming Soon!

94.) Switch's Stickers

Switch's Stickers is a custom image product business! Typically, the buyer would send me their image that they'd like on a product, and I'd print and make it in house. But, since I'm not "in house", I'd be selling most of my premade products like stickers, bookmarks and prints, featuring my own art. Come stop by and pay a visit, anything helps!

95.) Pins By Arisamon

Coming Soon!

96.) Noodlegel

Coming Soon!

97.) Gabriela Larios

♥ Hi! My name is Gabriela Larios. ♥

❤ In my art, I love combining realism with fun colors and patterns! That is my typical art style, but I also love to make cute anime art or fun abstract art. Nothing makes me happier than to make fun portraits and art that documents memories! ♥ I like looking back in my phone and finding pictures of my family or cats to recreate the scene through funky colors.

❤ My background is that I am a first-generation Mexican-American. What inspired me was my earliest memory with my dad, when he showed me how to draw. He never got to finish art college in Mexico because of his financial situation. He is 60 years old now. I want to carry on the sacrifices he made for me to have a wonderful life.

❤ My contact information:

♥ Email:

♥ Instagram: gxbylarios

♥ Tiktok: gxbyxart

♥ (I don’t post often on my socials, but do feel free to reach out on them!)

98.) Vessel.vL

Coming Soon!

99.) baguette-sam

Beckett Green is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on digital and traditional mediums. They are a current junior pursuing a BFA in painting at UIUC, hoping to focus in both painting and illustration. Recently, he has been focusing on comics and food illustration, using characters in bakery and dinner scenes. Some of his favorite franchises include Batman and Pokemon Sapphire and Pearl.

100.) Akiiaris Atelier

Items we'll be selling include prints, stickers, keychains, and more across a variety of anime, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda themed, as well as original artwork!

101.) UIUC Library

The IDEA Lab is a digital scholarship center bridging the gap between technologies, expertise, and community. Providing access to the latest emerging technologies for all faculty, staff, and students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the lab is home to Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies, high-end gaming computers, 3D printing, podcasting equipment, 3D scanners, and much more. Join us to discover, play, and innovate. || Check email to include their other events.

102.) Trashfire Games

Coming Soon!

103 & 104.) Titan Games

Titan Games is a friendly local game store located in Champaign.  We carry all kinds of tabletop games - board games, collectible card games (including Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Disney Lorcana), roleplaying games and accessories, puzzles, and hobby products.  We will be bringing a number of our favorite games including games we are featuring in the gaming hall on Saturday as well as popular items including Squishables and lots of dice.

105.) Yonakomart

Anime X Cars stickers and posters.

Check out our products:


Coming Soon!

107.) Bow Tie Games

Coming Soon!

108.) Video Voe's Cosmic Comics

Coming Soon!

109 & 110.) GODK:LLERS

Coming Soon!

111 & 112.) AnimeStuffStore

Anime Character goods, plushies, premium scaled figures and keychains.

113, 114 & 115.) Illini Union Bookstore

Coming Soon!