Our Mission Statement

UI-Con aims to provide a free convention for Central Illinois residents through the efforts of various UIUC RSOs. This includes JAC (Japanese Anime Club), CDL (Cosplay Design League), Character Creation Hub (CCH), and many more. Our convention focuses on anime, comics, and WEBTOON. We aim to provide opportunities to students and local artists to sell their art and products, make new connections, and support fan culture in Central Illinois, especially for students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

How Did UI-CON Start?

UI-Con is truly a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time. Three of the Executive Board members were all individually thinking of how to make a Chambana convention a reality, and they all happened to find each other at exactly the right time. 

Joey had created a UIUC gathering at ACEN 2023 asking anyone who was at ACEN from the UofI to meet up to say hello and take a group photo. That was where Kabooti met Joey, and realized that they were thinking about alot of the same things. Joey mentioned Juliette, who Kabooti had already known from CDL (Cosplay Design League), and her ideas for a convention. That was the moment it all clicked. 

A Discord server was made and CDL and JAC took the charge. Other RSOs joined, like the IlliniEsports and Character Creation Club. Community sponsors were aquired - the public registered - the news covered the event. 

And at this moment, UI-CON is this weekend. Join us in making our first year a success!

UI-CON's first crudely drawn concept art.